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Monday, August 21, 2006

From blogger- to digg to magazine

I haven't posted in a month or two but this is an update- Apple sent us 16 T-shirts for everyone in our group not just the 5 girls stuck in the elevator (I'll post pictures later) - so to the important thing. I've had a lot of attention towards the blog via digg. The elevator (below in last post) story got picked up momentarily on but was buried because it was marked as incorrect because the title was "apple store broke in six days" and people assumed it collapsed or something like that but whatever. Because of its little bit of time on digg and the attention of the glass cube the story got picked up by apple insider, and several other big blogs which all assumed that since it was all girls in the elevator that I was a girl. To tell the truth I'M A GUY, A MAN NOT A WOMAN. But easy mistake. After a couple days with that attention I decided to post my e-mail so if any press could contact me. In less than a day I received an E-mail from someone at iCreate magazine in the UK and I did an interview via e-mail and gave her my address for a copy of the magazine when it got published. So midway through July I received the magazine and it was really cool to have the photos I took and my story publish in a formal magazine I made a copy for the school and made a copy to show people so I could keep my copy at home in a safe pristine condition.


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