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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Stuck at apple

This last Thursday- may 26th 2006 I was in New York city on a school trip. After going to a 8:00 show on Broadway we decided to go see the brand spanking new "Apple Store"; so we walked down to fifth avenue and went in. It was a novelty, we stayed in the store for around 20 minutes. I took the elevator down because it was so cool. When we left me and 5 other members of my group went up in the amazing glass elevator, when we got to the street level I got out of the elevator, AND THE DOOR CLOSED BEHIND ME!!- there's two different doors an inner and outer door but curved glass for the round elevator, the exterior wouldn't open but the inner door kept on opening and closing.
[This picture was taken before the elevator got stuck with doors open]
This picture was taken after five minutes trying to get them out by ourselves than 3 times trying to get a employee to help us out, this guy is wondering how the heck did this happen.
Now this was kind of fun because the elevator was glass and they we're panicking- they were dancing. But it was easy to take pictures of them stuck- I took the picture above outside of the building through the glass wall + the elevator. The employees here were up on a step stool looking for a fix, later they used the ladder and the open roof of the tube[the elevator car did have a roof though] and sneaked water bottles down though the opening and closing inner door to my friends stuck inside.
They finally had to call the NYPD to get my comrades out of the elevator, by the time the NYPD go there they started to leak the hydraulic lines to lower the elevator to the lower floor, and the wonderful NYPD was rushing down the stairs with equipment to pry the door open, when the elevator got even with the lower floor the doors started to open and the police fully opened and held them open. The elevator was still going down to the basement floor, they the last person got out it was a good 2 foot step up. And two people burned there hands badly enough for them to blister on the hot lights in the shaft.
here's a picture out front with a police officer that saved my friends, out front
Thank you NYPD
Thank you retired cop; apple security guard on his second day on the job. TOTAL TIME STUCK IN ELEVATOR: 45 MINUTES!!!!